45-Year Veteran Pitcher and Softball Instructor Reveals...

"Learn How to Be Highly Unpredictable So That You Destroy the Timing of Any Hitter You Face or Any Runner That Reaches the Bases. When They Don't Know When to Pull the trigger, You Totally Own Them!"

"Coach Hal Skinner was gunned on radar at 92 mph (by a TV station) in the last ASA national championship he competed in. Hal's team won that tournament and he was awarded the MV pitcher trophy. Hal's secret to attaining and maintaining that speed is in two of the chapters in this book!"

From the Author...

TIRED OF GETTING YOUR TAIL KICKED IN THE CIRCLE?? It happens because YOU ARE TOO PREDICTABLE and that has to change! Do you want to dominate? Or do you want to look just like all the other dumb pitchers that look and pitch exactly the same, get pounded hard and pulled by the 3rd inning?? The choice is yours.

You found this site because you need and want;

1. More speed.
2. Better accuracy.

You found the right place, my book will give you these and MUCH more.

As a very young pitcher, I learned how hugely important it is to take away the batter"s timing of the pitcher"s motions. It"s real simple; When the batter CANNOT determine how fast THIS pitch is coming BY THE PITCHER"S MOTIONS, the batter has no choice LEFT but to watch the ball travel from the pitchers hand to determine exactly how fast the ball is coming on THIS pitch. THIS TAKES TIME THE BATTERS DO NOT HAVE!

There is one specific thing that every hitting instructor and team hitting coach does to train their batters, they all must do this to evaluate their hitter"s mechanics. It creates a weakness in every batter at every level.

THIS BOOK WILL TEACH YOU MANY WAYS (tactics) TO EXPLOIT THAT WEAKNESS and destroy any line up of hitter"s timing.

With just a little practice these tactics can be done so subtly that the other teams will probably never figure out why their team isn't hitting today! There are many tactics in my book but you only need to use a couple to destroy any line up you face.

Many articles I have written were featured as editorials or instructional articles in Softball Magazine and/or the NFCA's Fastpitch Delivery Newspaper because they were so different from other advice out there.

You better be serious about wanting to win because if you use my advice in my book, it is highly likely that the other teams will not like you when you hand them the worst defeats they have ever had."

- Hal Skinner, Author and Legendary Tactical Pitching Instructor and National Champion Pitcher Pitcher

Want to increase your pitching speed IMMEDIATELY?

Use a simple exercise, right before the game, which allows you to throw a few mph FASTER IMMEDIATELY and is now being used by pitchers, coaches and instructors all over the world.

How is your pitching accuracy? This book will show you how to make your stride strong and consistent.  This is the foundation for building everything else, especially accuracy.

Sneaky Softball Pitching provides real tactical pitching advice from Hal Skinner, National Champion and 45 year veteran pitcher and instructor. Learn the secret of how to stun a batter into not swinging at all.

This book contains the most sought after pieces of pitching advice in softball today.  Find out how to use or teach the different variations of my delayed rotation pitch.  This is the pitch that not only takes the batter's timing away but causes the runners to leave bases early and get called out!

Get 34 chapters of some of the best Fast Pitch pitching advice you will ever read. Many of the tips in this book have been featured as editorials or instructional advice in SOFTBALL MAGAZINE and the NFCA's Fast Pitch Delivery Newspaper.


10u pitcher using 'Coach Hal's f' and throwing his bent fingered riseball.

Later that season, this young pitcher went on to pitch 9 games in the NSA State Championship Tournament using virtually ALL the tactics shared in this book. Her team won and she averaged 14 K's per game with a high of 17 K's in one game.

The Leap and Drag method

"I pitched faster than any pitcher I ever faced. The reason? Because I was a LEAP AND DRAG style pitcher. Some very successful well-known instructors teach their 'Leap and drag' students to push off the rubber and pull the entire side of the foot vs. just the side of the big toe. I respectfully disagree with that part of their teaching.

The drag foot should act like the RUDDER of a ship, helping to guide you in a straight line toward your target. You use only enough downward pressure to keep the big toe in contact with the ground.

If you drag the entire side of the foot it acts more like the anchor of a ship; slowing you down, trying to hold your hips open and placing you at risk of hurting your ankle and drive knee.

My FOUNDATION METHOD is how I converted pitchers to Leap and Drag from step style pitching.

Below is a short video focusing on the footwork for a leap and drag pitch. You cannot see it here, but I am also using the LEGAL ROCK BACK to gain even more speed / forward momentum."

In this Book, you'll find out:

  • Simple exercises you can use to throw several mph faster immediately, even minutes before the game
  • The most important foundation for throwing accurate pitches at blinding speeds
  • Plus, How to stun a batter into not swinging at all

What others have to say about the book...

January 10th, 2011

Dear Coach Hal,

I started working on pitching with my Daughter Ashley when she was 9 years old. After reading your book when Ashley was 11 she went from throwing the ball 44 mph to 53 in just 6 months. Ashley is now a 15-year-old sophomore in high school and has been recently clocked at 67 mph.

She is a consistent 60 - 65 MPH. Not only did the mechanical drills in your book assist Ashley in her development of strength and speed, the mental toughness advice made her the dominating pitcher she is today. With your book I have been able to successfully instruct Ashley to pitch at a top level. "She had me and I had your book for instruction". She was started off with your 'Foundation Method', we have continued using that method all along and still use it today.

Ashley is one of the Top Recruited High School pitchers in the Nation.
Schools that have expressed interest in Ashley and / or actively recruited her: Oregon State, Boise State, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Stanford, Florida State, University of Alabama at Birmingham and many, many others. All the schools interested in her have DI softball programs.Ashley finally signed with BYU, one of the 28 D1 full ride offers she received!.

The 'Foundation Method' is what we stuck to. I truly believe this is why she throws so hard today. There are not many 60+ pitchers out there these days. Too many pitchers are continually changing their foundations or have weak / bad foundations. I strongly believe this is why we have so many pitchers topping out at 55 mph.
Thank you for all the help.

Ron T. - Proud Pitcher's Dad
Assistant Coach - Washington Explosion 18U
Connell, WA.

"Got your book three weeks ago. Angela has been practicing your advice on building speed and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how its going. Angela has always had a confidence problem. A month ago her coach gunned her and she was throwing 43mph. This morning he did it again and she was a consistent 54mph! MAJOR improvement in speed and confidence! I think both those problems are gone for good! Thanks for making my 13-year-old a contender."

Sherry B., Georgia

"Dear Coach Hal,  Just wanted to let you know that Maureen has pitched in 3 international tournaments so far.  She is undefeated and her era is 0.00 in international competition.  The tactics she learned working with you are amazing.  Most of the time the batters seem like they have been sprayed with freeze gel.  The advice from your book started it all off and got her noticed by the top pitching coach in Canada.  Thanks again for all the help."

As a pitcher for her USA collegePitching for the British National Team

Dan and Maureen Masters, Canada

" Your book is fabulous. Some of the things you describe in that book are absolutely incredible. My daughter is now reading it and comes to me every time she makes a connection to something she has a problem with, that you have an answer for in that book. I just wanted to take a little time and email you and to let you know that we are 100% satisfied with that book and I feel you have so much insight into the entire the game, as well as pitching, that will help develop these young ladies into knowledgeable players on and off the field."

Michael M. 12u coach, Indiana

"Hal, It"s been a long time since I communicated with you. Just wanted to givr an update here. My daughter and I got your book 2 years ago. She made her pitching debut as a freshman on her varsity team. Using only a couple of the tactics in your book, her first game was a 1 hit, no walk, 15 strike out shutout. She is now a junior and has several college coaches very interested in her and watching her progress.

We are doing very well as a travel ball organization in the state of Ohio. We are one of the top 5. I have been teaching your style and tactics to all our divisions (12u through 18u) and it has proven itself by our record. If ever there was an award for promoting the art of fast pitch pitching, you should receive it. The knowledge you pass on is greatly appreciated."

Larry Orahood, Founder / Manager Central OH Lady Rebels.

"The kids love their books. One of them has even finished reading hers and is still reading some of it every day. My daughter loves the way everything is told.  She's practicing different tactics in the book. We play indoors and she used one.....guess what? She faced 9 batters and had 9 K's...so now she wants to keep working on that and plus move on to incorporating some of the others. A little success helps for them to believe. Thanks again. The kids really enjoy the game when they try new things and find success with them."

Coach Harvey

"The advice you have sent to my daughter has been invaluable, and the growth in her pitching skills in the past eight weeks has been incredible. She truly is learning how to pitch to the batters and not just throw at them. In their first game she faced a batter she had played against on other teams who had always hit off of her. This time the batter never got a good connection and never made it to first base. This girl approached my daughter later in the tournament, complimented her, and told her how frustrated she had been in not being able to hit off of her this time.Thank you again for all your support. Your advice truly has made a difference in my pitcher's life."

Denise K.

"Hal, just wanted to tell you that 2 years after you retired from instructing pitchers, our local league banned a couple of your tactics because NOBODY was hitting the ball.  From the 8's to the 18's, same story.  They want them to use them when in tournaments but not in their own leagues.  Very impressive.  I have been in fastpitch softball for nearly 50 years and it's the first time I have EVER heard of anything like that happening."


Rich A.,  NorCal

" I had thought that I would wait till I got back to the USA and started working out with a catcher before I mixed it all up like we had been practicing. HOWEVER, last night we were playing a very obnoxious team who thought they were all very smart and they started to get to me. SO, I started to bring in a few of the pitching tactics in your book. BOY WAS IT FUN!!!!!

They must have thought I had gone mad! They had all seen me pitch numerous times since I got back and then all of a sudden I started doing this late in the game and with good results. Hal, you should have seen my Dad's reaction- he thought it was great and I don't think that I have had so much fun pitching for a long time!! Plus, they never even got good contact for the rest of the game.

I just had to let you know how it all went. I hope everything is going good for you and you are keeping well. Thanks for everything."

Delaney Warrian, Aussie Pitcher

Delaney went 58 wins - 1 loss her senior year in college record of 58 wins - 1 loss. She worked with Coach Hal for 2 days just before her senior season.

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